ANIMAL SET – Shows animals as well as letters to help children associate the letter and animal to each key. This is our second version for children’s stickers with adorable animals for your children to enjoy.

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These beautifully presented labels are especially designed for children learning piano—a great and fun way to encourage them to love the piano. The stickers are packed in the right order and are ready to be placed onto the keys with middle C highlighted for easy reference. They are easily removed if needed. Each one is 20mm wide x 48mm long.

Most of us use training wheels when learning to ride a bike, so why not get a little help when learning to play the piano?

If the thought of memorising all those keys has been putting you off piano playing, we have just the thing to help you get started.

Our stickers are especially designed to safely adhere to piano keys to prompt you which note is which—what it looks like on sheet music, as well as what letter note it corresponds to. And once you find your rhythm and confidence and feel you no longer need them, they can easily be peeled off.

The stickers are suitable for people of all ages, helping anybody learn how to play with confidence. So now you have no more excuses to put off learning the piano or keyboard. And neither has your child—or parent, or grandparent for that matter.

The stickers come in two sizes. The slim set comes in one size and fits all pianos and keyboards. Please see all sets in my store for different styles

88 key sets—include labels for 52 white and 36 black keys

61 key sets—include labels for 36 white and 25 black keys

PLEASE NOTE: As seen on the photos, our stickers only go onto white keys where reference to black keys is also included. Therefore, when you are buying the 88 set, you will receive 52 stickers for the white keys. And when you are buying the 61 set, you will receive 36 stickers for the white keys.


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