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    ANIMAL SET – Shows animals as well as letters to help children associate the letter and animal to each key. This is our second version for children’s stickers with adorable animals for your children to enjoy.



    BASIC piano stickers set in 3 different styles, only letters no note position the perfect start to memorise those keys.



    CHILDREN’S SET – Uses fun characters for the letters.  These are specifically colour-coded to associate the letter and key, harnessing colour association to help children learn to play the piano. The stickers are packaged in order, ready to be adhered to the keys with middle C highlighted for easy reference. If needed, the stickers can be easily removed. Each one is 20mm wide x 48mm.

  • Piano / Keyboard SLIM CLEAR Stickers SET Any size the best way to learn Piano image-missing




    Perfect to visibly see they keys and note positions while playing. Note position is only for the Grand staff, outside the Grand staff just the letter is shown



    Most of us use training wheels when learning to ride a bike, so why not get a little help when learning to play the piano?

    If the thought of memorising all those keys has been putting you off piano playing, we have just the thing to help you get started.



    STANDARD SET – Shows the bar with the position of the note along with the letter depicting the note for that key.