Organic Chickweed slave ointment NEW PRODUCT

hannott // Chickweed Ointment // Chickweed is the best ointment for so many things. I stumbled across chickweed when my children had nappy rash. I didn’t want to use something too harsh on their skin and eventually was introduced to chickweed. It was instant in its effect and I have loved it ever since.

Turned out it grows wild on our property, In season once a year we harvest the wild chickweed, dry it, then infuse it into organic olive oil.

After infusing for months we then combine with organic beeswax to produce the ointment today. Available from our #etsystore. #chickweedointment #newproduct #etsyseller #hannott #skinirritations cornerboothstore Sounds amazing

the_travelling_artist Amazing, I love a good natural remedy. 🌱

madisonjanestore Love the story behind this and how natural it is 👌💗

hannott_enterprise @madisonjanestore thank you x

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